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International Alpine and Nature Enthusiasts

Western Sichuan Tours was founded in 2006. Our team is composed by enthusiastic mountaineers, travel and birding guides, and a number of Tibetan horse guides. We are devoted to nature, ecology and Tibetan culture. We are:

pingli Wang Pingli (travel guide, Yoga, Tibetan and Buddhism)

roland Roland Zeidler (sinology, mountaineer, wildlife volunteer and birdwatcher)

buyong Buyong (horse guide)

derdeng Derdeng (horse guide)


Outdoor Experts – Sichuan Experts

Treks and tours provided by Western Sichuan Tours ltd. are entirely based on the principles of ecotourism, and guarantee high-level service. The tours mainly take place in the Sichuan parts of Tibet’s cultural regions Kham and Amdo (belongs to Eastern Tibet). Long term activities and regular visits made us familiar with each corner of this region.


Ecotourism and Sustainability
Local Communities Benefit

Our main aim is to guide people to outstanding and genuine places without harming nature or local culture.
Therefore, we avoid visiting mass tourism spots with commercial purpose. We hike through the nature and countryside consciously and with great care. Unavoidable waste will be carried away by ourselves and not by the wind.
Local communities – in most cases Tibetan villages – only profit from the service they directly can offer. Therefore we cooperate with them directly, and not via any agency. This may help to retain their culture and traditions, so that they don’t have to commit indecent actions (e.g. poaching) in order to keep pace with the rapid Chinese economic development.


Professional Management – Reliable Operator

Long-term experience in the Chinese out-door sector allows us to provide tours which are most suitably designed and perfectly arranged. This service also includes individual consultancy, internet information service, guidance, interpretation, logistic, and assistance for self guided travellers. We are sensitive to the demands of western travel standards, and thus are capable to open up the way to individual and highly specified journeys in an until now only administratively developed area. While dealing with partners we lay emphasis on fair and sincere manner. We wish to sustain our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable tour operator.


Comprehensive Cooperation

In order to satisfy ecological, customized and international requirements, we have established a wide spread network. Permanent cooperation and communication with local and international organizations assure a steady flow of information and mutual assistance.
Our partners are the Chengdu Bird Watching Society, the Sichuan Mountaineering Association, Conservation International, local welfare offices, and representatives of Tibetan Buddhism.



You are welcome to also visit our Blog. Through our blog you can find information on localities, reports on recent trips, images and much more.